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Fun arts & crafts at our Holiday Clubs or with our school Partner at the International Art Camp

This project covers everything from painting & pottery to music & animation If you have a different project to teach, join us at camp.......

The week of art has now been running for 12 years and is a wonderful way to either show off your talents or get involved with something new and let your inner flair flow. It runs this year from the 22 to 28th July 2013.


Depending upon the number of volunteers we have signed up, we have on occassion also been able to treat some of the orphans and abandoned children to a week of fun too. So not only will you benefit from a fabulous week, you will also be sponsoring the forgotten children to attend something they might otherwise only dream about.


You don't have to teach, or take part, you can volunteer in the organisation or just help the children achieve their masterpieces. Here are the options:


Volunteer Teaching

As a teacher you will normally have a class of about twenty of varying ages. You choose how many can join your class. This will give you the chance to really show your talent and share your skills to a whole new audience. 


General Volunteer

Normally you will be linked to a few classes and help the teachers or participants to with whatever it is they are teaching. In addition, you will be looking after any of 'our' children, making sure that they get to the right classes and don't miss out on lunch!



As a participant only, you will select three classes to attend for the week, this is normally out of a list of over 20 and can include anything arty, such as English Theatre; Painting For Tots; Sculpting; Animation; Music; Puppet Theatre; Macrame; Photography; Dance; Pottery; and much more.



If you would like to choose any of these options, please just fill out the quick application and let us know which. (Particularly if you would prefer to just participate) and we will get right back to you.


WelcomeAboutVolunteering OptionsBook to VolunteerGift vouchers RomaniaContact UsDonationsRetreatsYouth Trips