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Working with Orophaned & Abandoned Children
Working with Special Needs Children
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Expert Assistance

You don't need qualifications to work on our programme, however if you are a physiotherapist, builder, keen gardener, cook, cleaner any skills or passions can be used to benefit the children.

Practical help at all of our locations is always needed and always very gratefully received.

It is lovely to work with the children, but we like to help out in practical ways too, with anything from ironing and cleaning to building and gardening, so if you have a passion to help, but are not sure that you want to work with the children, please shout because we need you!


Children's Home

At the children's home the older children and the carers have jobs to do. Not just washing up and cleaning, but peeling potatoes for 200 and weeding between rows and rows of crops which they later will pick for the kitchen. Cleaning help is always appreciated, of course as is ironing and darning lots of little socks. If you would like to split your time between say Teaching English and helping out around the home, maybe change a few beds or iron a few sheets that is great too.


Special Needs Centre

At the centre we have started building a playground for the pre-school children, you can see our new playhouse being built here to start it off. However the playhouse needs painting and the playground needs landscaping, fencing, slides, swings and other small activity objects building as well as a sandpit. If you have a passion for this kind of work, just let us know and we will pick up some materials to get you going. If you know anyone else who would like to join in or supply some equipment then please let us know.



School manage quite well, but as with most buildings a clear up and gardening will never go amiss. The week before art camp we have a cleaning and furniture moving stint too.


At Home

Naturally, because we are out and about with the children and volunteers, we get little time to do what needs to be done at home, so if you or your partner would like to help us out whilst others are working with the children, we have vegetables that need tending and a little greenhouse to be built so that we can keep feeding our volunteers good wholesome food and save money for the projects that we do with the children.


So, as you can see, lots of hands are needed in many ways. If you would like to be a part of the programme but not necessarily with the children sign up now, we need you too.

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