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Working with Orophaned & Abandoned Children

Since 2001, we have been caring, teaching and having fun with the forgotten children of Romania.

You won't find the conditions that you saw on the TV in the 80's, but you will still find a lot of children who have been left behind.


During school holidays we hold holiday clubs and English classes for a cross section of society which includes children from the age of 3 to 63. This summer (2015), we are pleased to be working with The Mayor of Hunedoara and are providing our free English Holiday Club to over 300 people including; orphaned children, abandoned children, special needs children, children whoes parents want to give them hope for a better future, but otherwise can't afford the fees and grand-parents who are learning to talk to their grand-children now being raised in an English speaking country. In addition to this, we are also keeping children off the streets whilst their single carer goes out to earn a living to raise them. 

Not all of the children are orphaned, many come from broken homes, are abandoned on the streets or have parents trying to make a living abroad. Some have been left and can't even remember their parents. All of these children now have something to be proud of.....they are learning English at a 'special' place where they are excepted regardless of their background and they have fun!!


When you arrive they recognise your t-shirts and you will most probably get a hug, before they realise that you are new, but then they will get to know you very quickly as the day progresses.


Our Holiday Clubs run from 10am to 4pm Monday to Thursdays. The activities will be planned, prepared and run by the volunteers. 


The activities can be anything you chose (dependent upon the materials being available here in Romania). Painting; Creating; Origami; Sewing. The list is as long as your imagination. On a Thursday, we always end the week with a lolly-pop and the Thursday that you leave us we have a 'Theme Day' in the past we have been pirates, held the Olympics and even put on a fashion show.


One thing that you must always remember is to smile and know that you are making a real big difference, not only whilst your with them, but to their future.

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