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Working with Special Needs Children


There is something very enlightening about working with Special Needs children.

Not just another day at the office, but a day full of new skills and big smiles. "One of my best working days was helping at the Special Olympics"

During school term we work at one of two locations, depending upon how many volunteers we have on programme and where the need is most. One of these locations is a Centre for Special Needs Children from the ages of 4 to 23. During school holidays we run our own Holiday Clubs. 


We also work with these children during the summer holidays at our Holiday Clubs, giving their parents or guardians a well deserved rest from their 24/7 holiday job.


At the special needs centre there is always a need for help, casual and professional help in the physiotherapy, occupational therapy and psychology departments, it’s great if you have experience in this field, but not necessary as there are many other children who need a helping hand just putting a coat on, holding a pencil, eating or most of all encouraging.


The special needs centre has classes with up to ten children with varying needs, we have Autistic, Downs Syndrome, disabled and deaf children, some more serious than others, some with additional ailments, but they are all characters and they all wear great big smiles especially once they get to know you. Each class has a teacher and if the teacher is lucky a local volunteer.


You as a volunteer here, you will be an assistant to the teacher and volunteer. The language barrier is overcome very quickly and the children will love having you around to help them. These children love visitors and will always try to have a laugh and a joke with you. 


The Special Olympics happen here in April / May, so if you would like to be part of this fantastic event, either helping the children to train, helping them on the day or being part of the organisation, you will not be disappointed. Watch this space for the exact dates or just drop us an email on contactus@volunteerromania.co.uk 

Our Holiday Clubs open to everyone are the best! We do simple activities, drawing, painting, counting and have indoor / outdoor games. The week ends with games, face painting and even more fun.


Our clubs start at 10am and finish at 3:30pm Monday to Thursday. 


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