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Sports & Games

If you’re mad about sport, your skills can be used teaching children at any one of our centres.

You may even pick up a few new skills to take back home.........


Romania loves sport. Some of you may remember Ilie Nastase top of the tennis scene in the 70's played at the same time as Jimmy Connors. No, well how about the lady to get the first perfect score in gymnastics, Nadia Comaneci in the Montreal Olympics of 1976. Nadia with the rest of the Romanian gymnastics team trained right here in Deva and they still do.


Back to you and your love of sports. The children love to play any sport and really enjoy competition, particularly against foreign people, there is no big a smile you can get than the one after the goal goes through your legs.


During school holidays we always hold a sporting event. Some are very much like school sports day with the three legged race and leap frog, but then we get a little more serious with volley ball tournaments and all age basket ball.


At school, we focus on fitness, but always have the football or basketball out during breaks. Maybe you would like to come and teach them how to play cricket?


When we work with the Special Needs children we concentrate mainly on mobility and co-ordination, but we also have a large contingent who would love to be taught 'real' sports and get ready for the Special Olympics. One of our Deaf children swept the gold on skiing and swimming, but would really like to grab it in athletics too. Maybe you will be the one encouraging her to follow her dream.


If you would like to commit to a longer stay, we can probably even set up a free for all sports club and give even more disadvantaged children a chance to enjoy sporting activities.


With the smaller children we also love to have games, teaching them co-ordination and team work. This in turn teaches them leadership and trust all through playing and having fun. It is not only fun to do, but also great knowing that you are making them happy and teaching them vital skills for life.

In the sporting section, we should also mention taking the children to the swimming complex and martial arts, which they love. Any T'ai chi ch'uan or Cai Li Fo teachers out there who would love to teach the children? Please tell them not to attack the volunteers before you start!


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