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Our objective at Volunteer Romania is to see smiles........................big smiles, small smiles, lots and lots of smiles!
(We believe that, that is what you would prefer to see too - although we do see sad things most days, which is why we are committed to this programme).

Working with a new generation of children is great fun and it is always a delight to see the children that we first worked with back from university and working in responsible positions and doing a great job.

Just click on the photo below to view a short film which will tell you more about us from our wonderful volunteers


We achieve our smiles in the children by being there for them, a group of volunteers in matching t-shirts with matching smiles, when they expect us and always having lots of fun ways to teach and entertain them, even when we have no volunteers or when helping them out with their homework!

When we're with them, the children are always smiling, always looking forwards to a fun filled time with their new friends from around the world. The parents of our special needs children, may not smile at the beginning of the week, but by the end of it, you can see that they too have relaxed from having their 24/7 job relieved by our volunteers. Our Partners are always smiling, when they see us, because they know that we are willing to turn a hand to anything from baby-sitting to painting walls or peeling the potatoes, relieving the children from their 'duties', helping to provide better living conditions as well as helping to keep their over burdened staff and the children smiling too.

With Volunteer Romania, there are smiles of all ages, shapes and sizes on people of all shapes and sizes.

As an aside...

We also offer Holidays in Romania and Business Management courses. The proceeds from which help us to stay here and work with the children.

Steve & Alison are both very very experienced in Business Management and Team Building having very successfully delivered Change Management and Team Leadership courses to a number of the UK's FTSE leaders.

Interested? Just drop us a line
contactus@volunteerromania.co.uk and we will get right back to you.



WelcomeAboutVolunteering OptionsBook to VolunteerGift vouchers RomaniaContact UsDonationsRetreatsYouth Trips