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Useful Information for your trip

In order to get the most from your trip, please ensure that you read and understand this guide. In it you will find details for you and your family. Where to be, when to be there, who to contact if there is a problem, a little more about Romania and what you should bring with you for a comfortable  stay.  It is updated regularly and is meant as a guide, not compulsory. Please take the time to read it though because it may save you time and money.

If you have arranged airport pick-up, these will be from Sibiu Airport Romania Unless otherwise agreed.

We aim to get to pick you up as you arrive.
 However, flight arrivals vary & sometimes there are traffic problems, but please ensure that you wait in the airport for our representative who will be displaying the VR logo.

If your flight is delayed, please notify us as soon as you know or we may assume that you are not arriving at all.

Any unscheduled pick-ups will be charged extra for.

The trip to home will take about 2 hours. (Hence the reason you should call us in the event of a delay)

When you leave the airport please ensure that you have all of your luggage with you, have been to the w.c. and/or had your cigarette.

There may be a stop on the way, but this is cannot be guaranteed.

Lost luggage must be reported at the airport, this will be delivered to your Romanian home.

Your home for the duration of your stay is set in a very small, but typically traditional farming village.

The village has a small Romanian Orthodox church and one shop.  Here you can buy snacks and essentials (but only in cash). The shop is also the village meeting place and café bar.

We ask that you keep the village values and noise to a minimum before 7am and after 10pm. Thank you

You will be staying in a single sex dormitory of no more than 8, sharing a bathroom.

Hot and cold water are available at most times, we advise that you build a shower rota with your roommates. Due to the nature of the village showers are restricted to a maximum of 1 x 2 minute shower per day (subject to available water).

Please be prepared for occasional water shortages and/or power cuts which will reduce or stop the supply.

You will be provided with 2 meals a day, Monday - Thursday prepared by yourselves, from the balanced weekly shopping provied. Breakfast, typically toast and topping, or cereal and fruit juice. You can make your own sandwiches from what is available or treat yourself to some of the local lunch-time snacks at your own cost. Dinner is made by yourself. Snacks, treats, other drinks and delicacies are not included. Drinking water is provided for your use at home.

This depends upon your own spending habits and needs, £70/week will cover incidentals.. The currency in Romania is Lei Or RON , we recommend that you change only enough for your first night before you arrive as the best exchange rate is in Romania. Credit cards are accepted in supermarkets, but cash is the norm. ATM’s are available in the city. 

Please ensure that you buy your own travel insurance to cover your needs before you leave your country, (ideally before you book your flights). Volunteer Romania do not provide this and will not be held responsible for your medical, loss or legal liability.

Your insurance details should be sent to us with your flight details no less than 4 weeks before your arrival.

Any pre-existing conditions and allergies should be declared to Volunteer Romania prior to booking. You are declaring that you are fit to travel and work when you book. Volunteer Romania will not take responsibility for your negligence. Bring all medications for the duration of your stay with you, marked with your name and declare them on arrival.

Please check with your doctor for any vaccinations that you need for Romania and any other country that you are passing through on your way.

Please be aware that you will be travelling with people from around the globe and take the necessary precautions. For this reason only we do recommend that you are covered for (TB) Tuberculosis.

Please check that you have the necessary travel documents with you for your trip, passports, tourist visas etc. Volunteer Romania will not be held responsible for Romania’s refusal to allow you entry into the country and any costs will be entirely your responsibility.

Please ensure that you have a copy of these documents with you to hand over to VR on arrival, and a copy to keep with you at all times when you leave the village. Your original passport may be left locked at home for safety.

For the protection of our partners and the community, all participants working with children and/or vulnerable adults will be required to provide a background check to confirm their suitability to do so.

Please ensure that you send a copy of these references to Volunteer Romania at least 2 weeks before your arrival.

Full details of what is required in your country will be sent to you separately. Please contact us if you do not already have a current CRB.

As you would in any other country, please keep all valuables hidden and secure. Separate your money, do not display items of value and ensure that they are covered by your insurance.

Romania is generally a safe country, but as a foreigner you are seen as a wealthy person, so for this reason we ask that you do not accept lifts from strangers (even if they seem genuine), or tell people from outside of the village the village name or location.

In the village, we have one shop, which accepts cash for snacks and essentials.

The local town of Deva has an array of small shops, gift shops, clothes shops, newsagents, pharmacies, restaurants, craft shops, bars, a traditional market and supermarkets where you can get most of what you need. Deva is visited most days on the programme, or you can get a taxi for £4 + tip. A small charge will be made for booking taxis.

Please ensure that you have all of your essentials in your hand luggage, such as travel documents, contact lenses, money, medication for 3-4 days and a clean change of underwear!

On rare occasion, luggage goes astray en-route (especially on short change overs). This normally gets delivered to our address within 2 days, but has been known to take up to 5 days.


Whilst you’re here, why not take time out to visit some of Romania’s beautiful monasteries, natural landscapes and cities. Every church and monastery is different, the natural beauty of the mountains and lakes breath taking and each city has its’ own identity and cultural difference.

If you are interested, ask us for reccomendations. We also have a selection of tourist information leaflets and books at home which you may read at your leisure.

Please feel free to bring with you anything that you might miss from home, favourite book, travel journal, photographs, laptop, teddy-bear, tea bags, i-pod etc.

Washing is generally done by hand and hung on the drying line, though a laundry service may be available at additional cost.

Some of our past visitors have brought their country flag for us to hang on our visitors’ wall, please feel free to do so.

We always ask that you have let those at home know that you have arrived safely. Please do so.

Once on the programme, you may not have enough time to communicate much. Internet access is sometimes available at home and internet cafes in Deva. Vodafone is the only network available at home.

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