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The Village 

The village is a typically Romanian self-sufficient farming village situated 4km from the city of Deva. It boasts an Orthodox church on the hill and one shop that is also the coffee shop, bar, job centre and information post.

All except a couple of the houses have a plot of land at the back where they grow kitchen vegetables and fruit trees
(as do we). Everything that comes out of the garden is 100% organic in the true sense and they taste great! We couldn't put chemicals on the land even if we wanted to, as this would enter the water supply poisoning us, our neighbours and animals, so ecology is a living thing here in the village for survival reasons, not because it is trendy at the moment.

Most of our neighbours work the land and live in small holdings with cattle, pigs, poultry and working horses. We only have our dogs at the moment, but are looking to getting some free range chickens for eggs in the not too distant future.

The village shop is definitely not to be missed if you want a true taste of the culture, learn some Romanian, try the local brew (Tuica), but be careful it has quite a kick, so treat yourself to an ice-cream, coffee or beer from 50p, (the cheaper the better), don’t go spending £1 on the stuff you recognise, go for the locally brewed variety.

If you like walking, you can take yourself down the road to Deva, or up the road across the rolling hills of the countryside, but don’t forget your camera and take a picnic with you including water if you’re going to be out for any time.



The local city of Deva is like many cities of the world, on the outskirts there is the usual industry, but in the centre amongst the communist style blocks of flats, it has a beautiful old town and wherever you are, you will find the streets buzzing with life from the bars, cafes, restaurants and clubs and in the summer indoors moves outdoors as the streets are lined with terraces, stalls, children playing and festivals.

In Deva you will find pretty much anything you need from either the individually owned shops and market stalls, or the new supermarkets and shopping malls.

For exploration, you can take a trip up the citadel by foot or the recently installed funicular railway, visit the local museums and art galleries, catch a show at the theatre or attend one of the many summer street markets and free to enter open-air concerts.

Relaxation in the summer city heat is a must, for this take a stroll in the park, eat an ice-cream on the terraces or visit one of the two swimming complexes.

Deva is built on a grid system, so you can normally find your way back to where you started, but you can always take a map just in-case!


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